søndag den 20. juni 2010

Graduation film and Showreel

Welcome to my portfolio blog. I am an educated 2D and 3D animator at The Animation Workshop, currently working at Ja-film, Aarhus. Below you can see my showreel and showreel breakdown. Below this you will find my graduation film, which I made together with three fellow students. Choose categories on the right. Thank you. Peter

Showreel2010July_PeterSmith from peter smith on Vimeo.

Elk Hair Caddis from peter smith on Vimeo.

For more details visit www.elkhaircaddis.com

MakingOf_ElkhairCaddis_peter smith from peter smith on Vimeo.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Great work Peter! I really love the extremely dynamic look&feel of your animation. Awesome layouts as well! Congratulations!

    Hans (comichouse.nl)

  2. Awesome work once again! I am looking forward for your next post on 2D Animation Studios.